Professional support for working people

Working Edge is an executive coaching and mentoring company. We work with companies and organisations, individuals and groups.

If you are facing challenges in your company or organisation, or looking for clarity and new strategies to achieve your goals, Working Edge can enable you to do so. We offer team-building, conflict resolution, change management, interpersonal and communication skills, and presentation skills training.

Through our individual coaching, we provide powerful and rewarding ways to develop your effectiveness, success and satisfaction at work.

We also run small, confidential coaching groups in which you can explore professional issues, access the experience and expertise of peers, and build a supportive network.

Working Edge has a unique, supportive way of working with people. We do not have a formula into which people must fit, but treat each person as an individual, enabling them to develop real excellence in their working lives. We are an ethical and effective 'no-gimmicks' organisation offering clear, straightforward insights and strategies to create effective change.

‘We are at our working edge when we are challenged, inspired and at our best. It is from time spent at our working edge that our most creative ideas and most significant change can come.'

For those in our current coaching groups, the dates for next term are:

Group A: Thursday 12 Jan, Thursday 26 Jan, Thursday 9 Feb, Thursday 23 Feb, Thursday 9 March, Thursday 23 March 

Group B: Thursday19 Jan, Thursday 2 Feb, Thursday 16 Feb, Thursday 2 March, Thursday 16 March, Thursday 30 March

Dates following that are:

Group A: Thursday 27 April, Thursday 11 May, Thursday 25 May, Thursday 8 June, Thursday 22 June, Thursday 6 July

Group B: Thursday 4 May, Thursday 18 May, Thursday 1 June, Thursday 15 June, Thursday 29 June, Thursday 13 July

Dates following that are:

Group A: Thursday 14 September, Thursday 28 September, Thursday 12 October, Thursday 26 October, Thursday 9 November, Thursday 23 November

Group B: Thursday 21 September, Thursday 5 October, Thursday 19 October, Thursday 2 November, Thursday 16 November, Thursday 30 November

 Contact us for further information and to talk to us about Working Edge.



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